A Night Out || Frank Fontaine & Sander Cohen 


Upon seeing Fontaine, Cohen deflated only slightly, ready to toss any number of the witty retorts he had prepared while waiting should the man not have a good excuse for his tardiness. However, he had no time to utter not even one of them as Fontaine began to explain himself. “Mmm,” he nodded, his expression softening into a slight smirk. He knew all too well what Frank was feeling, “I experience the exact problem at the hands of my disciples. Treat them well and they expect more.” The last word rolled off his tongue like it had a bitter taste to it.

When the Fontaine’s hand came down onto his shoulder, it was obvious Cohen wasn’t very comfortable with it from the brief look of surprise that seized his features, followed by what appeared to be an attempt to play off the grimace he’d mustered in response. Sander wasn’t used to people just placing their hands on him; it was almost a foreign concept to him as he was generally the one to initiate any sort of touching. He straightened himself a bit and brushed the unwanted contact from his shoulder, moving forward at Frank’s suggestion. “Yes, let’s.” The reply was curt, but not without a forced politeness to cover his irritation at being touched as he nodded and gestured to the doorway to indicate that the host should lead.

"Oh, no doubt yer in the same boat as I, Mr. C, but…I wanna feel like your boys are a little more…how do I put this…" Frank rolled one of his wrists out, trying to come up with a word that was accurate, yet not totally insulting.

"…Delicate, than the bunch I’m stuck with. A pianist, actors, and record printer? Easy street compared t’fishgutters, fish catchers, and processors, amirite?"

Making his way into the bar with the artist, Fontaine chose a seat at the far corner, straddling the stool as he almost immediately got the attention of the bartender.

"Hey, barkeep! How’s abouta slug or two for ‘Rapture’s most beloved musical artist’, eh? Go on, Mr. C…pick yer poison. It’s on me, so, order the most expensive thing ya want. I’d do it, were I in your shoes."

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